Alat Pemancung Hidung Nose Up Clipper @Rp: 15.000,-

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15,000.00 /pcs

Alat Pemancung Hidung Nose Up Clipper @Rp: 15.000,- Nose Up Clippers adalah alat pemancung hidung dari Jepang. Alat Ini khusus dibuat untuk hidung Anda untuk menghasilkan kesan yang rata dari tulang

Date: 2015-03-17

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Tool nose pemancung Nose Up ClipperRp: 15.000, -

Clippers Nose Up is the tool nose pemancung of Japan. This tool is specifically made for your nose to produce a flat impression of your nasal bones to the nostrils are dilated so that the nose looks more sharp.
Cream pemancung Nose Nose Up Beauty:
- 1 Pot @ 250.000, -
- 3 Pot @ 500.000, -
What Excess Nose Up Beauty Cream And Clipper?
- Easy to use and does not hurt.
- Design Japan
- Easy to use to refine and elevate your nose
- Makes your nose more beautiful
- Anti-bacterial and soft lining that does not hurt your skin
- Easy to clean with a clean cloth or with soapy water and then washed thoroughly to remove oil from our noses which is attached at the nose up clipper
How to Use Nose Up Beauty Cream And Clipper:
- Apply Nose Up Beauty Cream evenly on the nose.
- Attach Nose Up Clipper 10-15 minutes every day, and see the changes in 1-2 weeks.
- Used on lobe, right underlined the nose to raise the nose.
- For lasting results use every day for 3-6 months and see lasting change in your nose
Serving Purchasing Unit And Party, Contact:
Distributor Center: 081225276788
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